How We Move

by Norwegian Arms

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The world is constantly shifting, of course on a molecular level, but also some sort of poetic one, and for my tiny existence as a well. As we change locations, jobs, friends, and schools, things change about us. We get a moment to see ourselves in a vacuum, unaffected by a current location, its social constructs, and at a critical moment of being able to determine your self, thoughts, and worldview once more. It's the soft tissue that later forms solid bones, it's what fuels my Wanderlust.


I could break away from every choice I've ever made.
Just my thoughts and my limbs and my beats and you I know.
Shove the whole view aside, and turn towards the eternal eye (I?)
I've come a long way but, it's everything that I know.

But it could be better, I'm gonna make you feel better.
Take to ideas and push them together, facing me you will feel better.
It's everything that I know

Sneak off and live with me, somewhere in the Pyrenees,
take our time on the way, ain't we in? (I know).
Together we'll ground our feet, the air perfumed, the scent of trees,
I've come a long way, but it's everything that I know!

It's a simple way from, all the thistle and the smog -
take your time to figure, in a conscious manner, make a map of your mind.


released July 29, 2016
Brendan M - Mandolin, Vocals, Additional Keys, Programming, Additional Percussion, Additional Drums, Bass Guitar
Andy Molholt - Keyboards, Wizardry, Whale Song, Evergreen Friendship, Additional Vocals on East Hollywood
Eric Slick - Drums, Palptable Groove, Hand Claps, Manifestation of ideas, Percussion
Matt Scarano - Additional Drums on East Hollywood
John Thayer - Additional Percussion on How We Move
Michael Trillions - Additional Programming, Vibe Guru
Nicholas Wilbur - Reamping drums in an empty church from across the country

Produced by Norwegian Arms and José Díaz Rohena
Engineered by José Díaz Rohena
Additional Engineering by Zach Goldstein, John Thayer, Judah Dadone, Brendan M
Mixed by José Díaz Rohena

Tracked to tape at the Unknown, Anacortes Washington, Sept 2014
Additional Tracking at 40 Frost and 62 Saint Nicholas in Brooklyn, New York 2015
Additional Tracking at Kawari Sound Studios in Wyncote, Pennsylvania 2015
Additional Tracking at 1876 Bleecker in Ridgewood, Queens 2016


all rights reserved