Trimmings of Hides

by Norwegian Arms

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Norwegian Arms presents:
Trimmings of Hides
a slight foray into the mind/body/soul of Keith Birthday and Dr. Awkward at American Diamond

1. Run! Ran! Run! Rah!
'Every day your life is the same until it is completely different'

2.She Lives in a Secret Town
'There is a reactor over there but I cannot touch it'

'I went and moved until I was tired and then I got lost in the woods'


released March 17, 2011

one and two recorded by José Diaz with overdubs @OX by Keith Birthday
three recorded by Keith Birthday and Dr. Awkward
mastered by Samuel Nuttle @OX and @Home
exterior printed and designed by Norwegian Arms and Vincent Finazzo

Copyright 2011 Norwegian Arms /


all rights reserved



Norwegian Arms New York, New York

sobs while listening to hip-hop on airplanes


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Track Name: Run! Ran! Run! Rah!
half a day to run to, to run through, it's sunny and a
half a day to find dogs, to saddle up, to get it done, iditarod
I said a half a day to fine tune, to fight through to fine tune it's sunny
and a heidel day da dum dye day!

Well, the north is crying out with a very large mouth
got a taste can't spit it out
and I am not the one to tangle with the fate line

I can feel my bones shaking is it just me
or just how it's supposed to be?
the mystery is pressing on my eyeholes
Track Name: She Lives in a Secret Town
Nobody ever wants to be in the kind of town where
in the atlas you can never see, politically blinded
certainly it hurts when people aren't aware of your being

Riding on the bus you always see the very same faces
every single day and week by week, so you can tell me
everything about their lives and all of their favorite things to eat

Peering through the gates I see
two very hungry towers glistening
filling all the lines with energy
do you every stop and think of what they're eating?

Has anyone ever been in your house that didn't always live there
If you were my only friend, could it be that
I could never see your bedroom
with all the books and magazines that you read

Do people ever disappear at night, vanishing suddenly
with winks from the guards who stand outside and secretly imply
that scientists inside experiment to see if people burn chemically
Track Name: Tramplebeasts
Filling blood up with so many silly humors
it's a shiny shiny drug that shapes the thoughts between the knees
a brimming house filled up with all the simplest pleasures
it's a happy happy home a sanctuary for childish glee

I like lit-so-low a little honesty

Total standout with all of the perfect gestures
not an itty-bitty bug but a full-blown tramplebeast
gazing over, she always sees two different flavors
and those are sour bones wrapped right up in sugar sweet

Say you will, over the meadow
I'm crashing there at your feet
and where you go, you'll know that I'll follow
cause where you are is where I'll be

Went and got lost out in rural Pennsylvania
got caught outside when the rain was falling sheets
and through the brambles I stumbled on a hidden river
it's an icy icy flood in which I finally wash my feet