Сибирь (Sibir')

by Norwegian Arms

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Feel the tundra nip at your frozen fingers, the ice on your breath it lingers as outwardly blown. In Siberia, these are the simple pleasures, the Post-American treasures adrift in the snow Still I brood wide awake, snuffing out the contacts as I fade Before I knew it, I was a lone wolf drifter, sniffing out scraps for dinner and a roof for a home. But those were hidden beyond the eyes that sought them. Even the hands that wrought them were considered unknown. Soon I ruled it a fake, and pushed myself to the other cooling face.
Heat's gone away I feel it plundering the warmth from my legs sucked out through my toes. She couldn't stay, cause the continent is turning in the opposite way, it's a precipitated state She said we wouldn't be important anymore in a year or so, maybe more if I stay. Maybe she's right but I feel that could change, as long as we carefully manage our escape My fingers ache through the pockets of my overcoat, it's time for new gloves or a new mental state and the end of the day is so much earlier than it was yesterday, it's the Siberian plague Grandmothers yelling through paper thin walls, she's earned her apartment so she's always got a say. Maybe she's right, but this Gagarina flat is mine for the year as long as I pay.


So, I've been sitting on these songs for a while. I'm not entirely sure why, but I guess it's because like all things I release, I'm insecure about giving them away, cause I'm not sure how they're going to come back.

These are two songs which, although also about experiences in Russia, they just don't fit with the other music. Sonically, they're a little different, instrumentally, they're on a guitar. There's a possibility that they'll appear on the full length we're to be recording this fall, I'm not entirely sure yet. If they are, they'll appear somewhat differently.

One was written while holed up inside a Siberian apartment in the dead of winter. The other was written prior to moving to Russia, but guessing what the experience of the first would be like. So they're both about the same thing, only the first is the preconception and the second is the reality. This is different than I originally released them, but upon consideration, I think they're better in this order. Sorry if that messes up your tracks in your digital music player.



released August 29, 2011

Recorded by Jose Diaz @ OX January 2011


all rights reserved